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ZOONO 3層式長效抗菌口罩 (可清洗20次)


Allerfree HKZOONO長效消毒產品香港授權供應商,我們在香港售賣只提供原裝正貨Zoono長效消毒產品。

Zoono 的最新產品是3層式長效抗菌口罩。有別於市面上一般的一次性口罩;Zoono 長效抗菌口罩使用專利塗層技術,可有效防隔病毒,口罩上的塗層經驗證具99.99%滅菌抗菌度,並且可於清洗20次仍無損其抗菌能力。

Our face mask has been treated with Zoono to offer a long-lasting antibacterial shield.


This shield bonds to the fabric fibres and remains active for up to 20 washes to help prevent the spread of germs.


Made from organic cotton, each mask fits comfortably with adjustable elastic straps.

- Not for medical use

- Reusable Wash before wearing



ZOONO 長效抗菌口罩 (可清洗20次) (ZOONO Fabric Shield Mask)

庫存單位: 300
HK$128.00 一般價格
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