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Welcome to Allerfree HK

Allerfree HK understands the impact of environmental pollution on people’s health and quality of life, so we are committed to completing every environmental treatment project with the highest quality and reliable equipment and materials in a professional manner, including: formaldehyde removal services, long-term disinfection services and pest control Service etc.

​We are an authorized wholesaler of ZOONO long-term disinfection products in Hong Kong. We are also the Hong Kong agent of TX-5 nano- photooxygen catalyst . We are committed to providing customers and the industry with the best long-term disinfection and air purification products during the epidemic.

We believe in and implement the concept of "cooperation and win-win". We welcome all industries to communicate and cooperate together. Through our products, we can provide customers with "excellent" disinfection and air purification services to truly protect the health of Hong Kong citizens.

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