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Long-Lasting Disinfectant Coating

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Allerfree HK is a Global Partner Hong Kong service provider and product supplier authorized by ZOONO Group Limited (ASX: ZNO), to ensure that the ZOONO we use and sell®Disinfection products are safe and reliable. We provide disinfection products for more than 20 disinfection companies in Hong Kong and Macau, and provide large and small disinfection services for public and private institutions and schools, ZOONO®Long-acting disinfection products and related technical support, experienced staff.

In order to protect all social classes, the company has specially set up the "Anti-virus Coating Disinfection Service Discount Plan" to provide long-term coating disinfection services for public/private organizations and schools at preferential prices, implementing the principle of "anti-epidemic without stratification" At the same time, we expect to establish long-term cooperative relations with various institutions and schools. ​


We believe that every service user (regardless of class) deserves the best service. Therefore, we use very few long-term disinfection coating materials in the market that have been verified to "kill COVID-19 new coronary pneumonia". It can truly kill 99.9% of new coronary pneumonia for a long time, which is by no means comparable to the general antibacterial coating in the industry.


After the service is completed, the company will provide a certain number of stickers, and can also issue service certificates to various institutions, schools and homes as needed, and post them in conspicuous places to reassure employees, customers, students and parents.


The company hopes that through our anti-virus coating service, we can truly provide customers with protection against viruses, especially the prevention of the new coronavirus COVID-19, so that public/private institutions, institutions and schools can act as anti-coronavirus agents during the epidemic. A safe place to work, study and rest.



Spraying the long-acting disinfection stock solution on the surface of objects can form a nano-needle-like protective layer (coating), which can physically pierce the cell wall, thereby killing pathogens and preventing the mutation, drug resistance and development of germs. Since the disinfection principle of the coating is physical sterilization, it is different from disinfectants or alcohol that can only provide short-term effects in the market, and there is no loss during the sterilization period, so long-term protection can be achieved.


​The materials used by our company have successfully passed the test and can resist more than 100 common pathogens, including the super bad bacteria in hospitals - methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), type A H1N1 Influenza virus, Norovirus, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Salmonella, Escherichia coli, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and novel coronavirus (COVID-19).


The relevant products meet the standards of the New Zealand Food Safety Authority and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and can be safely used in humans, food and animals.

Active Disinfection Efficiency

Different from other disinfection coatings, the ZOONO used by our company®The disinfection material actively captures viruses and bacteria in the space through electric charge.

During construction, when we apply on the surface by "atomization"; the monomolecular layer of the disinfectant material is permanently bonded to the surface of the object to form a protective layer (that is, what we call a coating), and these nano-needle molecules are positive charged. Nano-disinfection coating, forming a barrier of positively charged fine needles, while all viruses and bacteria are negatively charged, the positively charged fine needles attract and pierce negatively charged pathogens and destroy their cell walls, thereby causing the pathogens to decompose and die .

Routine cleaning can continue without damaging the coating molecules or their antimicrobial activity.

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Simply put, ZOONO®The disinfection coating is to spray positively charged antibacterial "spikes" on the surface of the object. The molecular structure of the negatively charged microorganisms is attracted by the "spike" electrodes. When the two contact, the cell wall and cell membrane are pierced, and then Kill the virus. There is no loss of process sterilization efficiency, so the disinfection can be carried out continuously for a long time.

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Reasons for choosing us

Wholesale Supplier of Disinfection Products in Hong Kong

Hong Kong office, school, housing estate, NGO disinfection service company

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The disinfectant we use is one of the few long-acting disinfectants that has been proven to kill COVID-19.

(Efficiency up to 99.99%)

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Long Lasting

7 days x 24 hours all day protection

Verified by a third-party laboratory, the coating can effectively kill more than 120 viruses and bacteria including the new pneumonia COVID-19 within 60 days .

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Suitable for anyone

The long-acting antibacterial disinfectant imported from New Zealand is food-grade certified and meets the US FDA food safety standards . It is safe and harmless. It is suitable for pregnant women and infants and children with sensitive symptoms, such as eczema.

Cleaning Sink


Can be cleaned as usual

General cleaning will not affect the disinfection efficiency of the coating. It is confirmed that 100 times of scrubbing with a damp cloth can still exert disinfection effect .

Kill more than 110 viruses/bacteria

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