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​ Kadoorie Group Properties

​ Kadoorie Group has repeatedly asked us to provide formaldehyde removal services for many of their luxury properties and offices, which is an affirmation of our service quality. The company also completes the service with a consistent professional attitude, and it has always been our aim to never take advantage of customers.


​Siemens Office

Siemens Hong Kong Headquarters asked our company to provide formaldehyde removal services for its new office of more than 60,000 square feet and a total of two floors.

Siemens AG then invited a third-party air quality rating agency to conduct a test to confirm that the indoor air quality (IAQ) of the office reached a safe level after the formaldehyde removal service.


​Red Hill Peninsula

After the home owner asked our company to perform formaldehyde removal service for one detached house, he thought the effect was satisfactory, and then performed formaldehyde removal service for the second detached house.

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