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Anti-virus coating (Disinfectant Coating),
Its name implies, sprays long-lasting disinfection on the surface of objects to form a coating film to kill bacteria and viruses that come into contact with the coating film. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 new crown virus epidemic, a large number of disinfection companies have appeared in the market. Disinfection (anti-virus coating) service, but the quality is uneven, each of them claims that their anti-virus coating is the best. How should consumers make a wise choice? In the face of the epidemic, disinfection services are closely related to the health of the public. You should get comprehensive information to make the right choice, and you can go to work, school and rest with peace of mind after the disinfection coating is completed. Therefore, we provide information on disinfection coatings so that schools, homes for the elderly and the disabled, and NGOs can have comprehensive information when choosing disinfection services. Through the following points, even if readers may not have a lot of time to study the background of each company, disinfection coating materials, and even disinfection material verification reports, they can make wise decisions in a simple and powerful way. As the saying goes, "Aren, the edge furnace is the most important furnace." The most important anti-virus coating is of course the coating material itself. In this topic, we will try to allow readers to consider how to choose anti-virus coating services from different perspectives.
Effectively Against COVID-19​

I believe that the readers who choose the disinfection coating service are aimed at the prevention of COVID-19 (new coronary pneumonia), not the general flu. Therefore, ensuring that disinfection materials can kill the new pneumonia virus is the primary consideration. However, only a handful of antibacterial coating products on the disinfection market have this verification. Some companies mislead consumers intentionally or unintentionally with propaganda techniques.

Example A: Add a strong disinfectant (which can kill COVID19) that has no lasting effect to a durable anti-influenza coating.

This will not only not enhance the anti-virus performance, but may also cause various changes in drug conditions, reduce both the disinfection performance and endurance, let alone kill COVID19. In addition, it may also cause sensitization of the disinfectant materials, which may affect the health of service users.

Example B: Exaggerating the effectiveness of the disinfection coating (inferred that the coating can kill COVID19 without objective evidence)

Some companies in the industry will claim that their disinfection materials "because they can kill A virus, they can definitely kill B virus." This analogy is unfounded. In fact, if there is this analogy, disinfectant coating manufacturers do not need to pay huge amounts of money each year to test products for various viruses. But it is better than the previous example. At least it can achieve "Do no harm", and at most it will only waste money for consumers without protection.

Continuous disinfection performance

Some of the industry will claim that the disinfection efficiency of their materials can last for one year or more, but they cannot provide third-party laboratory certification on the continuity, which also misleads consumers intentionally or unintentionally. Even if some materials have long-lasting and basic antibacterial capabilities (for example, similar to photocatalyst materials for removing formaldehyde), their effectiveness in killing viruses is still very limited. Or think the other way around. If there is really a material that can purify toxic gases (such as formaldehyde TVOC) and efficiently disinfect, all disinfection coating manufacturers will go bankrupt.

Safety of disinfection coating

Ensuring the safety of the anti-virus coating is also an important part. If the disinfection coating is allergenic or releases toxic substances, there is a chance of harming service users in the construction environment (including the elderly, young children, and chronically ill patients) . This situation is particularly prone to self-mixing of disinfectant. Therefore, the relevant disinfection coating materials must pass strict safety verification.


When choosing an anti-virus coating (long-term disinfection) service , the above three considerations are indispensable.

Finally, customers choose anti-virus coating services based on trust in disinfection service providers/disinfection companies. As an anti-virus coating service provider, we should put the health of our customers above the interests of the company. In addition, when Hong Kong is working together to fight the epidemic, we should provide our customers with the most reliable service. Therefore, we insist on using anti-virus coating materials that can meet the above three conditions and provide services at a fair price, because we believe that everyone (regardless of class) can get the best quality service.

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