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TX-5 Long-Lasting Disinfectant Coating

(180 Days Protection)


Allerfree HK adopts Hong Kong’s first TX-5 Photo-oxygen Nano Catalyst double-effect disinfection coating. It uses TX-5 N1 and Nano Photo-oxygen Catalyst for composite spraying, which can kill viruses and bacteria quickly and lastingly. When sprayed on the surface of the place by "atomization", the molecular layer of the disinfectant material is semi-permanently bonded to the surface of the object to form a transparent protective layer (that is, what we call an anti-virus coating). The validity period can reach more than 6 months (180 days).

We pay attention to construction details, and the spraying operation of the disinfectant directly affects the effect of the anti-virus coating. Each of our disinfection engineers has been specially trained, familiar with the operation and use of equipment, and has rich experience to ensure that the disinfection coating is effectively applied in the premises.

We believe that "to fight the epidemic together" is not a slogan or a slogan, but a social responsibility. Therefore, we provide top-notch services at competitive prices to build a reputation in the industry. In order to prepare and prevent the fourth wave of the epidemic in advance, the company has specially set up the "Anti-virus Coating Disinfection Service Preferential Plan" to provide long-term coating disinfection services for public/private institutions and schools at preferential prices, truly guarding through anti-virus coating services Hong Kong citizens and people of different classes. The company hopes that through our anti-virus coating services, we can truly provide customers with protection against viruses, especially the prevention of the new coronavirus COVID-19, so that public/private institutions, institutions and school premises can be treated as one place during the epidemic. A safe place to work, study and rest.

After completing the service, the company will provide a certain number of stickers, and can also issue service certificates to major institutions, schools and institutions as needed, and stick them in a prominent place to give staff, customers, students and parents peace of mind.


TX-5 Photo-oxygen Nano Catalyst Patented Technology

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TX-5 Technology

Patent invention number: 201611246449.1

TX-5 nano photooxygen catalyst adopts the latest Japanese formula and is the latest long-term antibacterial product developed. With the preparation of precious metal nanomaterials as the core, it has successfully developed the rapid killing of viruses and bacteria at room temperature without any light source. At the same time, it can efficiently catalyze and decompose formaldehyde into carbon dioxide and water, which is safe and environmentally friendly, without secondary pollution.

X-5 nanocatalyst can continuously eliminate bacteria in any environment (light/non-light), and the effect can last for more than 6 months. It has passed the friction test and can still exert its disinfection and air purification effects after 10,000 frictions. The sterilization rate is as high as 99%, and it is suitable for the surface of objects without light contact. Ensure that the disinfection effect can still be exerted on objects that do not reach the light. TX-5 air catalyst is based on the prerequisite of not damaging furniture and human body, achieving disinfection and air purification functions, protecting the office, learning and home environment.

In anti-virus coating services, product safety and performance are an important part. The main disinfectant ingredients of TX-5 N1 have been proven to be effective against the new coronavirus COVID-19 and are included in the latest list of effective ingredients for disinfection products against COVID-19 by the National Environmental Agency (NEA) of Singapore.

Principle of self-cleaning active disinfection

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The sterilization principle of TX-5 disinfection coating is the action of cations through electrostatic force and hydrophobic binding between surfactant molecules and protein molecules. The coating itself is positively charged and can adsorb negatively charged bacteria, interact with the hydrophilic base of the bacteria, increase the permeability of the bacterial cytoplasmic membrane, and make the cytoplasmic substances of the bacteria extravasate, and then lysis occurs, destroying the cells Structure, causing cell lysis and death.

Simply put:

1. Change the permeability of the bacterial cell membrane to make the virus cytoplasm leak out;

2. Affect the metabolism of bacteria and prevent their growth;

3. The disinfection process does not lose the coating and can be carried out continuously.

TX-5 disinfectant coating ingredients are effective against COVID-19

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The disinfectant ingredients of the TX-5 disinfectant coating have been proven to be effective against the new coronavirus COVID-19 and are included in the latest list of effective ingredients for disinfection products against COVID-19 by the National Environmental Agency (NEA) of Singapore. .

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