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VOCs removal service

Service Introduction:

The materials used to decompose formaldehyde have always been our top priority. Different construction sites have different needs. After initial testing, we will formulate construction plans and use different construction materials to provide the most effective air purification services. Formaldehyde removal materials used include: OTC photocatalyst, air catalyst, silver ion crossing membrane. At the same time, in addition to general spraying methods, hot steaming methods will also be used to achieve the best results.

BioNatro 納米醛淨觸媒除甲醛/清甲醛服務優勢

市面上的去甲醛產品良莠不齊,一般的光觸媒產品大多需要強光或紫外光來激發分解效果,而且對光線的波長亦有特定要求,更重要的是光觸媒的核心成份TIO2 (二氧化鈦)被歐盟列為歐盟禁用可致癌物,有機會對身體造成嚴重損害。BioNatro醛淨觸媒清甲醛服務以革命性技術突破傳統光觸媒的限制,採用納米方式除甲醛,能於沒有光照的情況下去甲醛及TVOC,去甲醛率高達96%以上。BioNatro醛淨觸媒清甲醛服務用途非常廣泛,可用於無光線接觸的物件表面﹝如抽屜、地台內籠﹞,確保在沒有光線到達的物件仍可達致去甲醛的效果。

BioNatro 醛淨觸媒產品已通過第三方權威機構的檢測認證,可於短時間內迅速去甲醛及TVOC等有毒氣體。

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VOCs removal service


BioNatro Technology

BioNatro納米醛淨觸媒清甲醛服務採用了日本技術,是最新以納米研發的除甲醛產品。以食品級多肽(安基酸)為核心,成功研發出無需任何燈源、室溫下即可將甲醛快速降解的集吸附,集催化氧化於一體的雙功能甲醛降解催化劑。 該催化劑具有超強的甲醛吸附能力,快速降低甲醛濃度,同時可在室溫下高效催化吸附的甲醛被氧化成二氧化碳和水,安全環保,無二次污染。


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BioNatro除甲醛產品及服務具有針對性和專門性,我們到達現場後會進行評估,按實際裝修物料及環境制定最有效的方案。﹝例如:甲醛濃度高的密閉地方會使用X-power 專業級霧化機進行大範圍施工。﹞










Charges for removing formaldehyde :

We understand that not every customer is willing to spend a lot of time to compare the services of different companies, which makes the price difference of formaldehyde removal services very large. We sincerely invite questions about the service, we are very willing to answer patiently to help customers make informed choices. We understand that every citizen wants to live and work in a safe and comfortable environment. Therefore, "providing the best service at the most reasonable formaldehyde removal price" has always been our core philosophy, so that we insist on providing at the most fair price For services, please contact us for inquiries about formaldehyde removal .


Formaldehyde removal materials:

OTC photocatalyst :

At present, the best and most effective method recognized on the market is still the photocatalyst method of removing formaldehyde. In addition to formaldehyde products in the market, the general photocatalyst products mostly need ultraviolet light to stimulate the effect. OTC photocatalysts have undergone technological upgrades and can trigger their formaldehyde decomposition efficiency only by visible light or even low light. 97%, and after the coating is dried, the effect lasts for more than 5 years. Its high-efficiency decomposition of formaldehyde and its long-lasting ability have not been replaced by other products in addition to formaldehyde.

The products have successively passed the testing and certification of third-party authoritative organizations, and are trustworthy. Efficient decomposition and lasting effect, to ensure that your residence is absolutely safe.

Nano air catalyst :

It is mainly used on the surface of objects without light contact (such as drawers, floor cages) to ensure that the objects without light reach the effect of decomposing formaldehyde.



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